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Trending Calamities and a Dance Craze

Let’s reflect on the top issues on social media in the past two weeks.


Released Reports

According to reports circulating on social media, the current issue between the US and Iran started when Trump decided to pull out from the Iran Nuclear Deal.

The 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal

In summary, the purpose of the deal is to delay Iran’s nuclear weapons capability for 10-15 years. Before the deal was implemented, it was reported that Iran could have had nuclear weapons in 2017.

Trump decided to pull out of the deal because he doesn’t want Iran to have nuclear capabilities. Ever.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

A lot of things happened since Trump pulled out from the 2015 Nuclear Deal.

Here are the key events of #USAvsIRAN:

  • The US set up sanctions against Iran

  • Trump designated an Iranian military arm as a terrorist organisation

  • Iran allegedly attacked two Saudi oil tankers

  • Iran shot down a US drone

  • Iran’s rocket attack killed a US contractor and injured many

  • The US retaliated and targeted militia sites and killed at least 25 Iranian fighters

  • Soleimani was killed

  • Iran fires rockets to US Iraqi bases

As of this piece, the US and Iran declared that they would end the hostility and work towards peace.


Bushfire is a common event in Australia. As a matter of fact, some of the plant species here will not survive if bushfires do not occur.

According to the news9 website, these are the common causes of bushfires:

  • lighting strikes

  • trees falling on powerlines

  • arsonists

  • unintentional kindling of surrounding foliage

  • dropped matches

  • cigarettes

  • sparks caused by power tools and machinery

  • controlled backburning escaping

Eucalyptus trees are always associated with bushfires because the oils from eucalyptus leaves contain highly flammable oils.

Topics around the bushfires

  • Heroes arise

A lot of heroes rose to the occasion for Australia, like the Royal Fire Brigade and volunteer firefighters that deal with the crisis daily.

I can’t name all these heroes, but I’m praying for them and their families.

  • Climate change issue

Some say that this is natural. Others say that this bushfire is not like the ones that came before and it’s a result of climate change.

They say that extreme actions about the earth’s preservation must happen in order to prevent bushfires like this from happening.

  • Prime Minister burned

The Prime Minister of Australia is being criticised for not providing additional support for the bushfire crisis.

His vacation to Hawaii during the issue aggravated the people’s lack of trust in his capability to govern the country.

  • Help from humans

Faith in humanity restored. The people of Australia supported each other during this crisis.

Australians donated to the Royal Fire Brigade. Residents adhered to water restrictions with no complaints.

People outside of Australia sent help. Firemen and donations of money came from all over the world.

The world prayed in unity for Australia.


There is a forecast of heavy rains that should help control the bushfires.

Air quality is still a problem. This would probably get better once the bushfire season ends.

And currently, the estimated economic loss for Australia as of this writing reached five billion dollars.


The volcano erupted and spewed ash that reached Quezon City which is north of Manila.

Government authorities instructed about a million people to evacuate their homes because of a potentially explosive eruption.

Authorities said that the lava that is beginning to flow from the volcano is extremely dangerous but what’s deadly is the volcanic ash that contains microscopic shards of glass.

There are other dangers associated with the eruption such as mudflows and other toxic gases.

PHIVOLCS told everyone within the 17-kilometre radius around the volcano to evacuate, but volcanic activities are slowing down, and there is a possibility that alert levels will go down.

It is estimated that 25,000 people are in evacuation centres.

Trending issues related to the eruption are:

  • Teen heroes died while transporting relief goods to evacuees. Thank you and may God bless your families!

  • Business owners who increased the prices of facial masks. The Mayor of Manila threatened to remove the licenses of businesses who took advantage of the crisis.

  • People gave away facial masks. They are unsung and unnamed heroes.

  • Images are seen from the volcanic smoke. People claim they saw images of deity or spirits in the smoke.


This is a trending dance craze in the Philippines.

Sarah Geronimo’s single “Tala” recently received attention on social media.

Thousands of people posted their version of the dance craze on their social media accounts, and it caught fire.

Here are trending issues about this dance craze:

  • The craze annoyed people. This is understandable. Especially if all you can see on your newsfeed are mediocre dance covers.

  • It inspired people. People used the story of the single to encourage others not to let go of their dreams. Apparently, the single was launched four years ago and only received mainstream success recently. It gave hope that success will come if we persevere.

  • Others claim it’s the reason why the volcano erupted. People say that the dance was a sort of ritual. Some say it’s so annoying that nature had to interfere.

Let’s Reflect on these Events:

Wars and calamities happen, and they’re bad circumstances.

However, if we would investigate the lighter side of these events, we could see:

  • Unity

The world can come and work together for a single purpose. We are so powerful when we’re united.

  • Humanity

There are still heroes out there. Genuine, selfless people that are willing to risk everything for others.

  • Faith

People can unite in faith and in prayer. Some pulled out their Bibles and read scripture.

Others quoted verses to encourage one another.

  • And Tala?

We learned that people can still find ways to have fun and have a good time in difficult times. Life is hard. It’s wise to loosen up.

Sum it Up

Life can offer extreme challenges. Being a Christian will not exempt us from these difficulties.

However, never forget that we have a God who looks at us in love.

He is a prayer away. He will help us in trying times and while we wait for our victory, let’s dance, loosen up and have a laugh!

God bless everyone!!!

John 16:33

New International Version (NIV)

33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Thank you for reading this devotional story, and I pray that it encouraged and empowered you in your walk with Christ. Please read other devotional stories on the website. You might find God is in Control, Storm in Sydney, and These Hard Times appealing.

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