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The Best Pork Roll

It was the day of the Melbourne Cup, and everyone in the office was into the race vibe. We wore fancy clothes and brought food to celebrate the occasion. I usually bring lunch to work because my wife prepares it for me, but this day I didn’t bring any because I thought the food at work would suffice. I wanted to eat something different for lunch but I rarely buy food, so I asked my trainee if he could recommend a shop for me. He said you could try “the best pork roll” in the mall. “The best pork roll?” This caught my attention. So I asked, “How can I get my hands on the best pork roll?” He said, “Journey towards the mall food court but don’t settle there. Go further to the escalators and head down to the next level. Guide your steps towards the supermarket, and you will find a small butcher shop. There is a small section of the butcher shop that serves the best pork roll.” I’ve been to the mall near our office, and I thought, that seemed like hard work. Anyway, my curiosity got the best of me, so I went on my quest to get “the best pork roll.” I made it to the food court, and my eyes were bombarded with tons of delicious food options, and I thought I’d be okay with any of them. I said to myself they were good, but they’re not “the best.” So I resisted the urge to buy noodles and kebabs and continued my journey to get “the best pork roll.” I walked for a few minutes more and there it was, just as my trainee said, the butcher shop and a sign that says “Pork Roll $7.” There was a queue. I said to myself, “The legend might be true.” When I got my pork roll and took my bite, I instantly believed it was worth the effort. The flavour and the crispness of the pork reminded me of the best pork delicacies of the Philippines. I enjoyed every single bite of “the best pork roll.” I could relate this experience to God’s promises for us. God’s promises require hard work and patience. I believe every one of us received a promise from God. It could be a sense of purpose, a relationship, or abundance. When we received the promise, we believed it with all our hearts, but then the journey towards the completion of the pledge made it so difficult to hold on. Life will give us distractions. Not the petty options that you can easily discern that they’re bad for us but the perfect ones that make it almost impossible for us to decline. God promised you  love and came the most beautiful human being you’ve ever met. You said to yourself this is the one even when family and friends told you to hold back. You get your heart broken. You hated God and rebelled. You didn’t realise that that’s not God’s promise. You were promised wealth and came an easy way to make money. It involved recruiting people and selling overpriced goods, but it’s okay because God’s promised you to have financial freedom. You invested but didn’t earn revenue. You hated God, but that’s not His promise.

Let’s say you discerned correctly and acted on God’s promise. Your spirit and mind were at peace with this decision. The problem was, it’s not really showing any growth. It’s been months, but it seemed that you’re not bearing fruit. Just keep at it. Breakthrough is coming, and we need to be patient. Sometimes our journey to God’s promises is hindered by the distractions of life. We need to be more patient in waiting for God’s opportunities. Patience is a powerful weapon. The person who wields this weapon correctly learns perfect timing. The man who controls time is unbeatable. Be patient. 

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