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Like Me Please

Rob likes Vincent so much. They’ve been terrific friends for years, and some people think that they’re best friends. The truth is, Vincent has a circle of people that he shares everything with and Rob isn’t included in it. Rob wanted to be a part of that group so bad. There was a member of Vincent’s circle who expressed disappointment towards Vincent. Rob learned about this and told Vincent right away in the hope that he would take this member’s place in Vincent’s circle. Tess got promoted and was transferred to a new team. She wanted to be friends with his teammates right away. She exerted effort to gain the approval of her teammates. She worked hard, was punctual, polite, and even brought treats. She tried her luck and tried to be personal at work once, but instead of getting the appreciation that she expected, she was given feedback about being professional. Why do we work so hard to get other people’s approval? The Bible says: 1 John 3:13 New International Version (NIV) 13 Do not be surprised, my brothers and sisters, if the world hates you. You see, we will not be able to please everyone. I saw a meme once about Lebron James. The meme is about Lebron being the best basketball player of his generation, a philanthropist who gave away millions, a young millionaire who didn’t get involved in any scandal, and yet hated by millions of people all over. Anyway, we are not supposed to worry about pleasing everyone. We just need to be like Jesus. Jesus is perfect and yet had haters too. If Jesus who is flawless couldn’t please everyone, how much more can the average person?

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