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Love People

John woke up that day with his head in chaos. His kids were sleeping, and he had no intention of waking them up, not just yet. You see, he spent his last money on food they already consumed the day before. They had nothing to eat that day. John got ready and looked for money. There were a few who owed him cash, so he sought after them, but for some reason, he couldn’t reach nor find any of them. He went to his friends to borrow funds, but they only had enough for their needs. John went home teary-eyed with no face to show his children. He didn’t know how to say to them that they wouldn’t eat that day, or if they would be able to eat the day after. John’s story reminded me of how difficult it is to be alone. Sometimes the feeling of abandonment is just inevitable. We will go through a phase in life that no one would be there for us. We will fall, and we have to pick ourselves up. This happened to Jesus in the worst possible time. Jesus was forcefully arrested despite His innocence. He was set to be beaten and killed. When everything fell apart for Jesus, His disciples deserted Him. Matthew 26 New International Version (NIV) 56 But this has all taken place that the writings of the prophets might be fulfilled.” Then all the disciples deserted him and fled. How do you find the will to fulfil your purpose when your friends betrayed you? How do you get the will to persevere when your loved ones abandon you? I don’t know how but Jesus did. His love for us is greater than the pain of betrayal. His love for us led Him to sacrifice His life on the cross even when the people mocked and hurt Him. He fulfilled His calling. It was about Love. John woke up the next day. He watched his kids sleep and like the day before, he didn’t want to wake them. He went out to look for money and caught up with someone who owed him. This person paid him in full. With tear-filled eyes, he bought food and brought it home. He woke his children up and shared the delicious meal. They laughed about the day before and how they felt strengthened even when they had nothing to eat. They knew God was with them the whole time. John had his children in mind, and they pushed him to overcome his challenges. Jesus had us in mind when He gave His life. Maybe you’re asking, “Can we love people knowing that they will hurt us?” The Bible says yes! 1 John 4:19 New International Version (NIV) 19 We love because he first loved us. We can love ourselves and others because God loves us. We need to find someone to love that will give us that inspiration to go to the next level. If you’re still not convinced and you’re seeking for that person, love Jesus! He is the perfect guy to love, and He will not abandon us. God has good plans for us and let’s see it to completion.

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