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Help Me Understand Part Four

This feature is the fourth and last article concerning the “Help Me Understand” series which is in response to the feedback given to my article “Retake.”

Please read “Help Me Understand” Part One, Two and Three as well as “Retake” to understand the reason behind the series better. In this article, we will talk about repentance.

To fully comprehend the word repentance, I looked up its definition online. I’ve encountered a few, but I loved the meaning on Wikipedia. It says, “Repentance is the activity of reviewing one's actions and feeling contrition or regret for past wrongs, which is accompanied by the commitment to change for the better.”

This definition is an excellent representation, we accept we did something wrong, and we commit to making a positive change.

But how to do it? To answer this let’s take a look at what the Bible says,

Romans 12:2  New International Version (NIV)

2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

When we make that decision to commit to a positive change, we do it by renewing our minds regarding that concept. Going back to the discussion in this article series, if we sin, it is not enough to ask for forgiveness, we must have a repentant heart.

Putting it all together 

If we sin, we must have a repentant attitude to receive God’s forgiveness. It’s not merely saying I’m sorry God, but it’s more on renewing our mind regarding the sin we committed.

For example, let’s say we’re always late for work. We usually have excellent excuses when we arrive late. Renewing our minds regarding being late will be, not coming on time is unacceptable, and there should be no excuse for being late.

Another example. Let’s say you usually try to point fingers when you made a mistake. Renewing your mind in this situation will be having the willingness to accept the blame because you acknowledge that you are responsible for it.

Changing our minds about how we perceive situations will help us avoid making the same mistakes over and over.

My take on it?

I encourage everyone to do their best when it comes to resisting temptation and having an attitude of repentance but I want us to remember that’s everyone is a work in progress.

Again do your best, if you know you are exerting all effort and still fell, don’t beat yourself too hard. God looks at our hearts. He knows our strengths and faults, and He still loves us so much!

That’s all for this series. I hope we learned a lot and I’m waiting for more feedback and discussions.

On that note, goodbye for now! Let’s continue to soar higher as we aim to be like Jesus! Stay in God’s love! Promote good vibes and spread positivity!

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