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Help Me Understand Part One

I got feedback from one of my visitors that my article “Retake” is misleading.

First, I want to thank and praise God for that person because he/she read my work and got something out of it. Second, I want to thank the person himself/herself for visiting my site and sharing his/her thoughts. Third, I do love that we could express our views and share ideas so that we can soar higher in our faith because that is the purpose of this blog.

The feedback was:

  • I didn’t cover the consequences of sin

  • I didn’t talk about repentance

So let’s talk about the consequences of sin and repentance in this article series, but before that some clarifications for the article “Retake.”

Disclaimer: I am not a pastor. I didn’t study at a Bible college, but this is just my understanding of the verses I put here. I recommend talking to your pastor or small group leader about everything that is written in

Please read "Retake" for you to better understand what the article was all about.

What is “Retake” about?

All articles in is designed to get the reader thinking. Each item is not meant to cover all aspects of Christian life, just bits and pieces. “Retake’s”primary focus was really about my judgmental attitude towards the Filipino basketball player.

I agree that the PBA player’s family mentioned in “Retake” was given much injustice, and perhaps the pro baller did deserve to be punished for it. However, my take on this is as Christians we are not called to be the judge of others. That’s God’s job. Christians should encourage each other in our walk of faith.

What happened to the player’s family may seem unfair, just like other unexplainable things in the world— like children dying of poverty and innocent people dying in wars— but I honestly believe that his family is in God’s good hands. We may not see God’s will when we look at their situation right now, but in time, things will make sense. Will God punish the player? It’s possible. 

I hope this clarified the intention of the article. We will talk about my thoughts on the consequences of sin and the value of repentance in the next parts of the series. Let’s continue to share our stories about the love of God and the compassion of Jesus. Spread positivity! Share good vibes!

Proverbs 19:20-21  New International Version (NIV) 20  Listen to advice and accept discipline, And at the end you will be counted among the wise. 21  Many are the plans in a person’s heart,     but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.

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