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I Was Here First

One time my train was cancelled, so I had to catch the next train. Unfortunately, it was rush hour. Rush hour is probably one of the worst experiences as a commuter. Getting on the train and getting off the train became very difficult. We were like walkers in the “The Walking Dead” inching our way through the train platforms.

When we were about to reach the staircase to freedom, I felt the people around me initiating their escape plan. In my head, I was like “I want to see you try! Until you experience MRT rush hour in the Philippines, you’re mere grasshoppers!”

Then the Holy Spirit asked me “What are you doing?”

I instantly knew what He wanted me to do. I gave way to each person who tried to get ahead. They didn’t need their escape plan.

Funny how it doesn’t take that much anymore for us to lose our humanity. A simple queue, parking space, delayed service, etc., can turn our love into hate in an instant.

We need Jesus to get us over this instinct. Let’s pray to God so that he can enable us to promote good vibes and spread positivity.

Romans 12:10  New International Version (NIV)

10 Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.

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