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No Breathing Room

I missed two church services because my baby was sick. When he got better, my family attended worship, and we had a blast.

The worship team played like it was a concert and the message shared that night was spot on. It was so good that when they asked for people to stand up and go to the altar, I went. I felt so blessed and holy.

When the service ended, I was still spiritually high. I talked to my wife and eldest son about how good the music and message was. I shared how much I appreciated the preacher while we walked towards our car in the parking lot.

We were about to cross a street when a motorcycle zoomed past us. The bike made the loudest, most annoying sound and the driver revved that bike like he wanted everyone at church to see him.

I said to my wife and eldest son, “And just like that, I want to be a murderer.” It was a joke and my family knew I was kidding of course, but my point is that we can go from extremely blessed to a killer in an instant. Temptations man, I tell you, they can be tempting.

Holy Spirit, help us to fixate on Jesus. God help us spread positivity instead of negativity. Teach us to promote good vibes and aim for higher things. Amen.

Matthew 26:41 New International Version

Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

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