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What’s Your Purpose?

They showed clips of the different ministries in church and the impact they had on certain people. There were a lot of videos, but the story that touched me the most was about a family who was attacked by ISIS. The father shared how ISIS kidnapped his loved ones. He said that he was being forced to convert to Islam and when he didn’t agree, ISIS bombed his car.

Unfortunately, it was his son who got hit by the blast which caused severe injuries to the boy’s legs. The terrorists then took his son without getting medical attention.

After ten traumatising months, ISIS released the boy. His family was then granted immigration to Australia, and our church helped them with his family’s migration and the rehabilitation of his son.

Tears rolled down my cheeks. I tried to imagine what went on in that ten-year-old boy’s mind all throughout this experience— When his skin got burned because of the explosion; when he was abducted; when he needed to leave his country; when he heard that he had to undergo continuous surgery for years to be able to walk— I couldn’t picture it.

It’s hard to see God’s purpose in this situation, but when the dust settles, we will see His glory. Good thing there were people at church who is continuously helping his family in this journey.

What that boy encountered made me rethink my purpose. I recalled that my cause is to remind everyone that God is with us. We may face challenges, but we can overcome them with His help.

Yes, it is difficult. Yes, I don’t understand what everyone is going through. All I know is that we have a God who identifies with us.

Jesus helped me get back on my feet. He is helping this family overcome this struggle. He is willing to help anyone who calls on His Name.

How about you? Have you thought about your purpose? Seek God. He’ll show you what you're supposed to do. We should aim to make this world a better place. Spread positivity! Promote good vibes!

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