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I Wish I Were...

There was an old story about an eagle’s egg that fell from its nest. The egg fell into a river which carried the egg to a farm not so far away. One of the hens on the farm found the eagle’s egg and brought it to her nest. Since she was the only hen without a chick, she took the eagle’s egg and kept it as her own.

When the eagle’s egg hatched, the hen was so proud because her chick was the biggest in the farm. She raised the eagle as any hen would raise her offspring. She taught the eagle to scavenge for food and dig holes to catch worms. The eagle grew to be a chicken. One day, while scavenging for food, a vast shadow covered the ground. The hen’s eagle looked up and saw the most amazing creature it had ever seen in its life. It was another eagle, soaring gloriously above the heavens, majestic as ever.

The hen’s eagle looked up and said: ”I wish I could fly high up in the sky and soar above the clouds just like that bird.” The hen’s eagle stood in awe and watched the other eagle fly until it was out of view, and then it continued to scavenge for food and dig holes to catch worms.

I find this story depressing and eye-opening at the same time. The king of birds was unable to fly because of the things that happened to its life. The mighty eagle became a chicken. This story illustrates why the people need to seek Jesus. Let’s take a look at this verse:

John 10:10:

10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I (Jesus) have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. The hen’s eagle did not live a full life. It should be soaring above the heavens, but instead, it rummages the ground. A lot of people are like the hen’s eagle, we are full of potential, but we are settling with average because it’s comfortable.

Abundant living is possible, but we need all the help we can get. Read the Bible and get to know the promises of Jesus. We will experience the bounty that God promised when we get to know Him. We will soar higher! Let's promote good vibes and spread positivity!

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