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November 20, 2018

Fortnight Friday. I was very excited because it’s our connect group meeting! The reason I get thrilled with connect group meetings is that I believe that our huddles are not just fellowship with the believers of Jesus but an appointment with God Himself, the Holy Spi...

October 31, 2018

I struggled with inner sadness for a few weeks. When I try to figure out what I was sad about, I really couldn’t think of anything. Even though I couldn’t point out exactly what I was feeling down about, the feeling of brokenness was all too real. Was I depressed? I’m...

October 30, 2018

I had to present a business process that was entirely new to me. I practically memorised it but the perfectionist in me wanted to go over the policies again and again to gain confidence in presenting it.

Thank God for technology. I was able to review my presentation o...

September 13, 2018

I praise God for rest days, and I have the weekends off. One Saturday morning, I enjoyed an engaging conversation with my eldest son about his ministry.

He is slowly stepping up as one of the youth leaders in one of Hillsong’s ministries. He was very excited as he share...

August 30, 2018

I love my job. I love my job so much that I want to be the best at what I do. There should be no excuses not to work hard. I have superiors who mentor me, and I took each day as a learning opportunity. I cherish every moment with my mentors especially when they impart...

August 29, 2018

I saw a video of a father who brought his son to a Coldplay concert. The clip showed the father and son duo enjoying and celebrating to the song “Fix You.” You see, Coldplay was his son’s favourite band and what made it so amazing is that the child has autism and his f...

August 16, 2018

I was praying to God when a random thought popped into my head. It was a simple question, but it stressed me out. The question was, “Why do you pray to a God whom you couldn’t fully understand?”

The more I thought about it, the more it bothered me. To be honest, there a...

August 12, 2018

Hi sir Otto! I saw the article. 😊 I loved how you started it. Very detailed. (Laughs) 

It made me miss our training. I didn’t think that our induction is still fresh in your memory, but it’s great to know that it is. I want you to know that it’s the same for me. I will...

August 8, 2018

I like to do a specific activity every time I do training inductions. The task is simple enough. All they need to do is to share five things about themselves,

  • Their name

  • Educational background 

  • Professional background 

  • Interests

  • And something uni...

August 7, 2018

Adam loved his father so much. To Adam, his dad was the greatest ever. Who could blame him?

Adam’s Dad was always there for him. He knew that his Dad was busy at work, but he was still present to see his baseball games. Adam’s Dad always spent his days off with him. The...

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