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Mother’s Day had recently passed, and it was and always will be a special occasion for all the mothers and future moms. My biological mother lives 300 kilometres away and was very busy with work so we were not able to celebrate Mother’s Day together. I had called her i...


      I was a disappointment. I could have done so much more with my time, talents, and resources. I stopped caring about anything for that period in my life. It was a time of bitterness and selfishness. I was blessed with so much, and I couldn’t see what I had bec...

A son's confession and realisation of his father's love.

    I have amply heard stories of how God moved in the lives of people I know, and I have even seen the tangible result of some of them. God revealed himself to my friends through epiphanies, through their conscience, and most of the time, through the hands of...

     ‘If there is a God, why does he allow catastrophic things to happen to His people?’. ‘Why is there so much suffering considering the “fact” that we are in the presence of a “loving” God?’. Different faces approach me using varying tones, presenting the same argume...

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